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       *Featured article - see "High carb diets in corals as seen from spaceand a popular press article in the Conversation

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       *Voted as a Letter by the editorial board 

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Book Chapters

        Graham, M.H., Fox, M.D., and Hamilton, S.L. Macrophyte productivity and the provisioning of energy and habitat              to nearshore systems. 2016. In: Marine Macrophytes as Foundation Species (ed. Olafsson, E.), Science                                  Publisher/CRC Press, Boca Raton, FL. ISBN 978-1-498-72324-4,pp. 131-160. [PDF]

In Review or Revision

Eakin, C. M. et al. including Fox, M.D. 2014-2017 Global coral bleaching event: the most severe and widespread ever recorded. In revision

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