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Four new papers on coral reef trophic ecology out in September!

September was a busy month in the world of coral reef food webs. Take a look at the links below from our latest work spanning the entire Line Islands Archipelago as well as two new methods for examining heterotrophy in corals using d13C analysis of amino acids and fatty acid profiles!

Coral trophic plasticity on Palmyra Atoll

- Fox et al. 2019 Functional Ecology

Niche width expansion in reef fishes across a primary production gradient in the Southern Line Islands - Miller et al. 2019 MEPS

The importance of pelagic subsidies to reef fish diets across the Northern Line Islands - Zgliczynski et al. 2019 Oecologia

Coral trophic ecology via Fatty Acid profiling - Radice et al. 2019 PlosOne

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